Supporting Veterans in Our Community: Veterans Week

Nov 11, 2021

Graphic of David Katzenmeyer with a quote about how we support veteransDuring Veterans Week, from November 8-12, 2021, and on Veterans Day, on November 11, we take time out of our lives to commemorate, thank and appreciate all who have served or those who are serving or will serve in the U.S. military for their efforts on keeping our country strong, safe, and free. We also want to take time to remember our fallen soldiers who served but were unable to return. Veterans Day was established on November 11, 1919, originally as “Armistice Day” to remember the first anniversary of World War I. Veterans Day became a national holiday beginning in 1938.

People Incorporated is proud to support veteran communities in the Twin Cities through a variety of programs and partnerships that serve the needs of and connect veterans to relevant services.

The following Q&A with David Katzenmeyer, Program Manager, Outreach and Project Recovery, is a snapshot of our organization’s impact on veterans.

Q: What is the most important role that People Incorporated plays on behalf of the veteran community in the Twin Cities?

A: Our Street Outreach teams are often the first point of contact for a veteran experiencing homelessness. When we do find out that someone is a veteran, we partner closely with Ramsey County Veteran Services and Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV) to ensure they have access to the most appropriate resources available.

Q: How exactly does People Incorporated use partnerships to serve veterans in our area?

A: Our Street Outreach team conducts one outreach shift each week with an Outreach Worker from MACV, and Ramsey County Veteran Services is a partner at our weekly Community Resource Outreach Project.

Q: How do partnerships enhance and facilitate our work with veterans?

A: Partnerships are crucial. With the creation of the Homeless Veteran’s Registry and each state’s effort to end veteran homelessness, quickly connecting veterans to these resources is crucial in assisting them to access housing and support.

Please contact our Central Access team for more information about these programs and services at 651-774-0011.