Shaila Arjuman: What Mental Health Means to Me

May 25, 2021

This Mental Health Month, we hope you’ll join us in an exploration of what mental health means to you and your community. Be sure to check out our social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, for opportunities to share what mental health means to you, and hear from some of our staff on why this work is important to them personally, not just professionally.

Shaila Arjuman, the Program Supervisor (CADI Waiver & TCM) of our Community Services in Dakota County, shares her thoughts on this topic. 

We all have mental health but what does it mean to you? 

Mental health means “sanity” to me — that means a healthy mind where I can focus fully on the present and enjoy the best of me.

What enhances your mental well-being? 

I truly believe in “self-care.” If your needs are fully met, only then you can help others. We cannot pour from an empty cup. So when I am happy, I can make others happy!

What does the concept “person-centered” care mean to you and to your work helping clients?

When I prioritize a person’s wishes and dreams, only then I can help them reach their goals.

What does mental health look like when you’re at your best?

When my mental health is taken care of, I am happy, calm, focused, productive, positive and then I nurture good relationships with everybody around me.