Alternative Learning Center (ALC) Plus Program

Empowering Students

Comprehensive Aid for High School Success

The Alternative Learning Center (ALC) PLUS Program at North Education Center Academy (NECA) offers extra support for high school students aimed at eliminating barriers both inside of school and in the community. With the support of Case Coordinators and a MentaI HeaIth Therapist, eligible students may access many services including the ones listed below.

ALC Plus Coordinators

Chad Goodsel:

Quantella Prescott:

Available Services

  • Transportation
  • On site Chemical Health
  • On site Mental Health
  • Behavior Support
  • Wraparound Support
  • Future Planning


Receive Case Coordinator Support

Post graduation, students can choose to continue to work with and receive Case Coordinator support. This support includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Career Counseling
  • Housing Support
  • Post Secondary Application Support
  • Country Benefits Application Support
  • Financial Planning Assistance

A student with Hennepin County involvement (Probation officer, Social Worker, Truancy Worker, Case Manager, etc.) can be referred to the ALC PLUS program via the PLUS referral form and can be obtained by connecting with a Case Coordinator.

For students without Hennepin County support, the Case Coordinator can submit a waiver to Hennepin County. The waiver will be reviewed and eligibility will be determined.

  • Student must be enrolled at NECA to be in the ALC PLUS program
  • NECA is an Alternative Learning Center high school within North Education Center (NEC)
  • Students can be enrolled at NECA through age 21