Program Spotlight: The Training Institute

Feb 19, 2024

The Training Institute is moving enthusiastically into the new year after a successful 2023. In the ever-evolving landscape of professional development, the Training Institute achieved remarkable milestones, continuing to solidify its reputation as a leader in training and development.

  1. 800 hours of training were delivered, equipping participants with valuable skills and insights.
  2. The Institute conducted over 400 individual training sessions on a range of topics, from De-escalation to Trauma-Informed Supervision to Compassion Fatigue and Burnout.
  3. The Institute’s reach extended far beyond People Incorporated with over 11,000 external registrants from various sectors benefiting from classes and training plans.
  4. Collaboration soared as the Institute developed customized projects for over 80 different agencies, fostering a culture of shared learning and development.
  5. The Institute had nationwide impact, serving learners from all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  6. 595 People Incorporated staff members attended classes, highlighting the commitment to continuous learning and staff development within the organization.

The Training Institute is already building on the progress made in 2023. The new year marks the beginning of an exciting multi-year embarkment in partnership with Minnesota Department of Human Services. Hospital Emergency Departments are often the first point of contact for children and adolescents experiencing a behavioral health crisis, as community resources are unable to maintain support of the individual at the time.

For many young people, foster care is a more effective intervention than placement in a facility; as a result, approximately 185 children each week are placed in foster care in Minnesota. Most youth who enter this care, however, have unmet mental and behavioral health needs stemming from complex trauma. This means that Minnesota foster families and out-of-home caregivers are met with significant challenges assisting youth transitioning safely in and out of their care. In addition, untreated mental health issues represent a significant barrier to learning and educational success in school.

This initiative aims to equip hospital staff, foster parents, caregivers, and school-based mental health professionals with the tools to address the complex needs of youth facing behavioral health crises. Effectively training caregivers to support children transitioning into and out of their care will help reduce emergency department visits for mental health crises and promote resiliency in these children.

For the first part of 2024, much of the Training Institute’s curriculum is focused on leadership. These classes are perfect for aspiring supervisors and managers with topics like Leading Remote Teams, Inclusive Language for Leaders, Developing Your Leadership Style, and much more. These online classes are $26 per session and just over an hour in length – perfect for integrating seamlessly into the workday with a low time commitment. Registration is open to the public and upcoming offerings can be found on the Training Institute’s website under “Upcoming Classes.”

This focus goes hand in hand with the Training Institute’s takeover of People Incorporated’s internal leadership training program. The three-tiered system is designed to prepare staff for leadership roles within People Incorporated; with tracks for individual contributors, supervisors, managers, and beyond, this program offers a structured path for career progression. Upon successful administration of the curriculum internally, the goal is to offer the program as a product for other organizations, promoting leadership excellence across industries.

The Training Institute is eager to continue growing their wide network to reach more organizations, companies, and agencies in search of quality education. You can follow along as we share updates throughout the year on the Training Institute LinkedIn page – give it a follow to stay in the know.

by Russ Turner, Director of the Training Institute