Program Spotlight: Long-Term Residential Housing Services

Mar 1, 2024

Through Long-Term Residential (LTR) Housing Services, People Incorporated offers long-term supportive services in a community, residential housing setting, supporting around 90 clients annually. These residential programs provide both 24-hour care and other business/on-call services during the day to support residents with accessing the community to meet their individual needs. LTR Housing Services partners with both internal and external care teams to provide an integrated care approach to support clients’ journeys with their mental health needs.

What different types of services are offered under the LTR Housing Services umbrella?

  1. Nine 4-bed programs across the greater Metro area (including Anoka, Dakota, Hennepin, and Washington counties) provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week with on-site staff at all times.
  2. Two apartment programs (the Dakota Apartment Program and Montreal Courts) provide Integrated Community Supports with office hours from 8:00 am – 7:30 pm and weekend on-call support.
  3. The Deaf Supportive Living program, a 14-bed assisted living program, offers more nursing support and 24-hour, 7-day-a-week staff support.

Throughout the LTR Housing Services residence buildings, clients are given the space to work through their personal mental health journeys while working on skills such as budgeting, grocery shopping and meal prep, maintaining independent living spaces, navigating interpersonal relationships, and so much more.

LTR Housing Services is an important piece of People Incorporated’s continuum of care, frequently collaborating with other internal providers to refer clients across the organization’s service offerings. LTR Housing Services often works with the crisis and Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS) teams and the outpatient therapists to support clients as they discharge from those programs to ensure their care plan continues.

“If the client is coming from a treatment situation, we offer support to help them maintain their progress and success,” said Jennifer Holck, Director of Operations for LTR Housing Services. “It’s a step down from an intensive residential experience to a more independent one, where they can develop skills to be able to have their own living space. We work towards whatever housing stability looks like for them – we meet people where they’re at and help figure out what’s important to them for their own housing goals.”

LTR Housing Services staff members work one-on-one with each client in order to ensure their individual health and care needs are met, whether that’s maintaining sobriety, securing transportation to meet with probation officers or attend court appointments, obtaining employment, or working towards personal wellness goals. No matter what the client’s mental health journey entails, LTR Housing Services ensures that they can make progress while also maintaining the basic human need of a safe, warm place to live.

The person-centered approach is always top of mind for LTR Housing Services staff when working with new clients. When a new client moves into a residential building, they are able to personalize their living space and decorate it as their home. Throughout their stay, they receive individualized coaching and support according to their own goals.

“Clients may come with things in their paperwork from 10 or 15 years ago, and while their history is important in their journey, we don’t let the past define who they are today,” said Holck. “How far you’ve come, what you’ve learned, and what you’ve accomplished are what matter most. We work to define new goals for each client and build on the growth they’ve already experienced.”

LTR Housing Services accepts referrals through People Incorporated’s Central Access Contact Center; call 651-774-0011 to learn more.