Program Spotlight: Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS)

Jan 31, 2023

Across 9 locations, People Incorporated offers Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS) to individuals in need of mental health, medical, and/or substance use care. In these inpatient, 24-hour, supervised settings, clients work with a team of social workers, mental health practitioners, nurses, and therapists to address their needs and recover from mental health crises.

Our IRTS facilities are spread across the Metro and are part of the greater interconnected web of People Incorporated’s continuum of services. With access to such a diverse team of specialists and professionals in each facility, clients are able to heal in a well-supported, residential environment built to feel more like home.

“IRTS provides a critical resource for addressing co-occurring conditions,” said Andy Thompson, Program Manager of Huss Center. “IRTS meets people’s needs in a treatment-friendly, client-centered capacity where clients can access care through more personalized means because it’s a residential center versus a hospital setting.”

Huss Center, located in South Minneapolis, is a 16-bed residence for male-identifying individuals. Other residences vary in size and in client gender demographics, presenting a range of options for individuals in need. (View video photo tour.)

3 of the 9 locations now operate on a hybrid model, meaning that they offer crisis care – 5- to 10-day crisis stabilization care – in tandem with longer-term IRTS care, which can last up to 90 days. This means that if an individual wishes to continue their treatment plan post-crisis, they are able to do so seamlessly, moving directly from crisis to IRTS barrier-free. This shift is revolutionary because it eliminates treatment disruptions and restrictions, reducing the trauma associated with recidivism and ensuring a clear and effective path to recovery.

“We have great flexibility since we have so many programs,” said Thompson. “If a person is high needs, we can modify their care easily or transfer them to a facility that better meets their needs. It’s integrated care. The fact that we have so many other programs we can refer clients to, including therapy, we get people moving along the continuum of care without being disruptive to their healing process.”

A major goal of our IRTS program, which is resoundingly true of all People Incorporated programming, is to empower clients to develop their own individual recovery journeys. Person-centered care means that each client gets to decide their own goals for treatment, with our team of professionals ready to guide and support them along the way.

“It’s nice to be able to see the growth and recovery of clients in a longer-term setting,” said Julie Smith, Program Manager at Diane Ahrens Residence in St. Paul. “You can make a difference in 10 days, but you can make even more of a difference in 90 days. With both combined, that’s 100 days of healing!”

To support the ongoing crucial operations of our IRTS facilities, consider making a gift through the Give page on our website. One of the biggest barriers for our clients in accessing IRTS care is transportation, and your gift can support our expanded efforts to provide critical transportation services to all. We also regularly welcome volunteer groups to help with facility upkeep, whether it’s painting, landscaping, or gardening. Find out more about how your company or organization can volunteer to make a difference by filling out the Group Volunteer Project Interest form on our website.