People Incorporated Launches New Program Supporting Jail Inmates

May 6, 2021

We are thrilled to announce a new initiative to serve justice-involved individuals in county jails with integrated, behavioral health care. Corrections Integrated Support allows us to address and provide mental health and substance use services to jail inmates — getting them into services sooner and moving them toward a healthier course for their lives.
This new initiative is a major step forward in our goal of providing mental health care that is integrated into our communities and is increasingly accessible. We believe it is imperative to meet people where they are and begin recovery from that point. Many in our community are not able to identify their own mental health needs or where to receive support and are finding themselves revolving through systems that are not meeting their needs. The criminal justice system is one of those systems. People Incorporated’s integrated response is a critical lifeline because jail is not an environment for mental health recovery, compassionate care, and/or healing. By bringing our services into this space, we can support individuals on a path towards mental wellness.
In collaboration with our community partners, People Incorporated will:

  • Increase the capacity of county jails to identify inmates with mental health and substance use needs;
  • Decrease negative mental health and substance use outcomes and improve quality of life among jail inmates pre- and post-release; and
  • Improve community health and safety by implementing integrated, pre-release transition.

People Incorporated will provide early screening, assessments and diagnosis to work with individuals in creating a patient-centered treatment plan. Our team will also provide case management and integrated care coordination in collaboration with correctional facility health care staff and other community providers. Finally, we will provide care navigation (including referrals), individual transition planning, and connecting incarcerated individuals to programs that can support them on a different trajectory. This is more than mental health, as our navigators will also support providing access to social supports such as employment, housing, transportation, basic needs, income programs, and vocational/educational counseling.
We look forward to helping more of our neighbors heal from the traumatic effects of mental illness through this community collaboration. Your financial support makes integrated, community-based mental health care possible.

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