Mark Your Calendars for Give to the Max Day – November 18, 2021

Nov 9, 2021

Give to the Max Day Give to the Max Day is Minnesota’s single most impactful day of giving for nonprofits statewide. 

Join us in celebrating this important day as we place extra emphasis on supporting students in our local communities. Most children and youth do not receive the care they need, and our School-Linked Mental Health Services program is changing that with your help.  

“Prior to the pandemic, an estimated 20% of children experienced emotional or behavioral health needs, but 50% of these children did not receive mental health services,” says Sara Benson, Operations Director at People Incorporated.  “The stress and loss experienced by children have increased those needs significantly. School-based mental health services provide an initial access point to mental health treatment and reduce logistical barriers to children receiving services. They also provide real-time consultation and collaboration with school staff.” 

The severe collective trauma we all experienced over the last 18 months makes this program essential for students and families. Our therapists, social workers, and mental health professionals operate onsite in the school where they address common issues including anxiety, aggression, isolation, trauma, and depression. The onsite care allows for easier access for busy families, reducing variables that may prevent individuals from receiving care. People Incorporated has therapists in 25 schools across four districts. These services provide an efficient solution for districts overwhelmed with the demand for social and behavioral health services.  

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