February is Eating Disorder Awareness Month

Jan 31, 2023

Mental health touches most, if not all, aspects of our lives. Many physical health conditions are intrinsically connected to our mental health, and eating disorders are no exception. February is Eating Disorder Awareness Month. Cheri Kuhn, a licensed psychologist with LynLake Centers for WellBeing, is also an adjunct instructor for People Incorporated’s Training Institute, through which she teaches courses specializing in a variety of topics, including eating disorders and body image.

In her training course, Kuhn discusses the co-occurring natures of eating disorders and mental illness, particularly how the former is actually a symptom of the latter.

“With eating disorders, there’s a lot of co-morbidity or an overlap of multiple diagnoses,” said Kuhn. “There are different mental health disorders that correlate more commonly with some eating disorders. With anorexia nervosa, you’ll see people with conditions surrounding control; they may have anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). With bulimia or binge eating, the overlap relates to impulsivity, relating to conditions like PTSD, bipolar, and some personality disorders.”

People Incorporated staff encounter clients struggling with body image in many of our programs. It is important for all clients to develop and maintain healthy senses of self-esteem and self-worth, and much of this can be developed with adequate mental health support, like regular therapy sessions. The quantity and breadth of People Incorporated’s programs allow us to meet each person where they’re at, no matter what they are struggling with. We understand the complexity of mental illness, and we always approach clients with person-centered support.

Kuhn is just one example of the many specialized mental health professionals that offer education through the Institute, through which we’re able to reach a wide variety of learners interested in learning more about how mental health impacts our daily lives. Her specialized work exemplifies how multi-faceted mental illness can be, demonstrating a need and desire for education on these topics in the community.

To browse the Training Institute’s other course offerings or to see if any could be an educational fit for your company or organization, visit their page through People Incorporated’s website. If you or someone you know is struggling with body image and/or eating disorders, you can seek further support and resources through The Emily Program or The Joy Project.