Behind the Scenes Change = Positive Impact

Jul 1, 2020

On July 1st, People Incorporated migrated our electronic medical records system to a new platform called, Credible, in an effort to provide more seamless, integrated care.

“Credible will give our staff more insight into the care clients have already received from us and allow us to better transition individuals between programs,” said Dan Carlson, Director of IT. “This software allows staff to be more mobile and allows us to create a better continuum of integrated care.”

The program is more intuitive for employees to use and has many features that will improve our ability to be more mobile — allowing us to provide our services wherever needed in the community such as, hospitals, homeless encampments, and more. It also includes a better system for seeing bed availability at our various programs, and a more efficient system for scheduling therapy appointments and care assessments.

“Our new electronic health record is going to improve substantially the three areas that are foundational to the work we do; access to care and care options, increased ability to impact our communities, and integrated and informed healthcare,” said Jill Wiedemann-West, CEO of People Incorporated.

As People Incorporated commits to continuous improvement and future focus, this system will provide more data with better checks and balances. As part of the launch, People Incorporated established a work group on clinical quality measures that will use data gathered to ask better questions early on to understand patterns that can help us move individuals toward better outcomes. In the coming months, you can expect more information on how your support has made a significant impact on your community!