52 Cribbage Boards to Support Recovery

Jul 15, 2021

“My journey with bipolar disorder over the past 13 years has been full of ups and downs,” says Jarod, a local community member who recently donated five beautiful, hand-crafted cribbage boards to our crisis and residential treatment programs. 

“In 2017, I had a hospital visit that lasted 17 days… I played the game of cribbage every day. I used it as a means of keeping my brain active, making connections with my fellow patients, and it became a vital outlet with friends and family that visited me. In the grand scheme, the game of cribbage turned into so much more than just a pastime. It became my family’s “go-to” activity. It has also served as a source of distraction throughout the pandemic. When I got out of the hospital and completed outpatient therapy, I created a side venture marketing and selling custom cribbage boards and it became a true passion. Now it is my time to give back to the mental health community and give others the opportunity to enjoy this game.”

Thank you, Jarod, for sharing your story and your talents with us!

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